Add Safeplace as an "App" on the home screen

According to our research, no Berlin visitor downloads an app beforehand in order to be able to report possible incidents later. A website is more convenient in that case. However, a quick access possibility (same as via an APP) makes sense for restaurants, hotels and residents who want to report regularly what they have experienced, seen from their windows or been reported from their guests.

We use a little trick to make sure that our website works exactly like an APP on their mobile phones:

The home screen of your phone or tablet is not only useful for apps. Regardless of your mobile device and operating system, you can place important websites (like these) on your home screen as a button so you can access them quickly. We'll show you how.

Android / iPhone / iPad

Please select your mobile:


iPhone / iPad

Other mobile phone

If you have another type of smartphone or tablet, it probably has this feature. Just open your browser and search its menu for an option similar to "Add to home screen" or "Pin to home screen".

Remove icon again

To remove a website shortcut from your device's home screen, simply press and remove it like any other app icon (or, on iPhone, hold it down until it wobbles, then click the X).

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