What is crime prevention?

The possibilities of crime prevention are very well described on the website of the Ministry of the Interior:

... Prevention is better than aftercare. This principle also applies to public safety. Crime is not only fought through the determined prosecution of criminal offences. Preventive measures also make a significant contribution.

To prevent crime, the police and other agencies are developing a variety of measures and programmes. Nevertheless, crime prevention is a task for society as a whole. This requires not only politics and the police, but all governmental and non-governmental bodies, the economy and the media. Last but not least, it is the citizens themselves who make an important contribution to crime prevention through responsible behaviour. …

... prevention tries to change the opportunities. This includes, for example, specifically reducing situations that encourage action by means of technical means such as immobilizers or alarm systems. But also measures that help to change one's own behaviour are covered. This includes, for example, sensitising the neighborhood during the holiday season. Secondary prevention measures are aimed at potentially at risk persons. …

How can we as neighborhoods help together?

There are comprehensible reasons not to report an assault that has happened in your neighborhood to the police or another organization.We want to offer a way to collect such information that would otherwise not be available.

Not only the victims, but also the neighbors are meant: If, for example, when you look out of the apartment window or as an innkeeper in the restaurant you notice how guests on the street are being insulted, threatened, sexist or homophobic, you can at least report this in our portal and collect (if you think it is "not so bad" for an emergency call to the police).

Possible prevention measures in this neighborhood

The information collected by the neighborhood complements police statistics and is very useful in identifying places where more light may be needed ("technical measures") or where the police might, for example, show more presence.

We certainly can't get rid of the crime, but we make it much more uncomfortable for the bad guys here.

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