For whom is this website?

We are there for all Berlin residents and tourists. The focus of our work is the Schöneberger district around Fuggerstraße.

We are the citizens' initiative KiezCare e.V. Berlin: An association of neighbours, innkeepers, hotels, shops, artists, web designers. We live/work in Berlin and are committed to it.

Why was this website developed?

Security is a very central need of people and has a great influence on how comfortable you feel in a place. Facts and feelings often differ greatly from each other. A realistic picture of the situation creates clarity and also helps against over-dramatization.

Some districts of Berlin are unfortunately targeted by mostly well-organized gangs of thieves. City districts like the Schöneberger Kiez and Kreuzberg are also traditionally a tolerant "safe place" against homophobic attacks and we want it to stay that way.

Many criminal incidents are not reported to the police because the inhibition threshold is too high. We also document incidents that do not constitute a criminal offense and incidents that are not directly related to violence. Such information is often missing from police statistics.

According to our information, police statistics have another problem: If several offences are passed at the same time, only the offence with the highest threat of punishment is registered. So if a victim is insulted and threatened homophobically and then robbed and injured, the incident is recorded in the statistics as "bodily injury" and not as "homophobic hate crime".

The purpose of the association KiezCare e.V.:

... The fight against hate crime and other criminality as well as organized crime is the sole responsibility of state institutions. However, citizens of the neighborhood can provide support by exchanging information. By supporting the police, they can also be motivated to pay special attention to this neighborhood. In this way, a contribution is to be made to improving the quality of life of the residents and visitors ... which is often only affected by an accumulation of annoying irregularities. In this respect, the differentiated and unprejudiced collection of information is intended to help improve the quality of life in the neighborhood without ideology and proximity to political organizations - in freedom and security.

By the way, our activities "occupy" the topic "reporting portal" before right-wing groups do so. ☺

(Anti-Semitic hate crime is outside our range of tasks, here we recommend the special reporting platform

What happens with your report data?

Your report is added to our statistics. Those results are added to the official police statistics (not every case gets reported to the police).

This helps crime prevention: Better documentation of these incidences creates more awareness of the problems among local authorities.

You can find an example for the data evaluation in this short video.

What happens to personal data of perpetrators?

If obviously personal data of third parties (perpetrators?) are transmitted to us without their knowledge, we remove such data from the report as a rule within 48 hours. Such data can be, for example, very precise descriptions of people, photos of them, their names or license plates.

Is this service anonymous?

Yes, your report is possible without entering your personal data. If you wish feedback from us, you may leave us your email address. Of course, there is no such thing as 100% anonymity on the Internet.

Can this service be misused/manipulated?

During the development of this project, we intensively discussed how to avoid the possibility of this project being misused for denunciation or for a surveillance state, and how to handle possible manipulated information.

For these reasons we take great care in the programming of the website to include reasonable evaluation of the data and other mechanisms to prevent misuse.

Should the police be called as well?

The police say: "It is in the interest of the victims that every incident is reported." Reporting to the police directly is required if you wish to pursue criminal prosecution of your specific case by the police.

If, for example, you have exact personal data of the perpetrator (e.g. a car license plate), you can only report this directly to the police, as non-governmental organisations like us are not allowed to store such information for data protection reasons.

With us you are right, if you "just want to report fast" an incident comfortably and anonymously, before you perhaps do not do it at all. Every piece of information helps, even in the case of incidents that are below the threshold of criminal liability, but are nevertheless annoying and discriminatory.

Do we also offer victim counseling?

No, that's not our job. We offer a possibility to get in contact with us if there are any questions regarding the case. However, for victim counseling we always refer to the LSBTI representatives of the Berlin police and the victim protection associations, such as the White Ring and the Maneo.

Technical questions

Mobile Phone Preview

The finished report in just 60 seconds:

The (optional) query of your location data does not work?

Querying your local location can help you find your current position on the map quickly, especially if the incident was nearby. Our form does not require any location data, in which case simply enter the form field "Location description" manually. To determine the position, there is a button with a "Pin" symbol on the map. The privacy of your operating system is particularly strict for such queries:

  1. In the data protection settings of the operating system, the browser used (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) must always be allowed to query location data.
  2. In addition, every time geo-tracking is used on a website, there is also demand for it again.
  3. But it could also be that your mobile phone is in an unfavorable place and cannot aim at several radio masts at the same time in a few seconds.
  4. If you are too far away from Berlin, your location will not be displayed.
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