Homophobia in Berlin - Police Report 2018

The Berlin police counts more than 100 attacks on homosexuals in Berlin and is clear about a high number of unreported cases in this area.

All of Berlin!

After a one-year test phase in Schöneberger Kiez we offer our service for the whole city of Berlin. Local Comminities are welcome to come to us and receive materials, information and local support. The main focus of our work remains the measurement of gang crime and homophobia.

Reasons for no reporting

Why go to the police? A collection of reasons not to call the police. Surveys, Internet research...

1 Year safeplace.berlin

1 Year Safeplace.berlin Website & App! - Improvements in the neighborhood are already clearly noticeable. Various resident initiatives have been launched and the police are very committed. The mayor of the district is listening. These are small successes that we are pleased about.