Some general tips for the area:

Updated: 7 Sept. 2019

  • Latest pickpocketing scam: 2 handsome foreign men ask for a discotheque nearby. They come close (e.g. gratefully shake hands, bump into you). And your wallet and watch are gone.
    Beware of KO drops. There are rumours that those drugs have been used recently. Keep an eye on your drink in the bars.
  • Beware of pick-pockets. If an unknown young man starts suddenly dancing around you and touching you everywhere, this can mean something else than a sudden love. (Sometimes they work in a group of three).
  • If 2 people ask you for the way e.g. to a club nearby and then want to shake your hand, pay attention to distance. I'm afraid that's just a distraction sometimes. Especially if you have a nice wristwatch.
  • Better not leave your nice cell phone on the table.
  • In the restaurant, watch out for who sits next to you at the next table, from where you'll sometimes find foreign fingers in your jacket pockets, bags and backpacks.
  • Keep distance to groups of three of East-European style, strong looking, dark clothed boys/men hanging around here or approaching you.
  • It is not a splendid idea to run through nightlife places with pockets full of money and your passport.

Of course you should not go crazy and of course you should continue to explain the way to a club to others. Often the instinct tells you when something is wrong, e.g. the way to a Hardcore Leather Club is asked, but the questioners don't look like this scene at all. Or when someone at the next table doesn't order anything and people don't look as if they are staying longer or involve the waiter in conversations.

A bit more cautious than usual you should only be - as in every big city - when you are no sober any more. Then you could overestimate yourself and underestimate pickpockets: Most incidents happen at night, often directly at the exit of the pubs or clubs. At night, often directly at the exit of the pubs or clubs. Also, if a companion is offered at home or in the hotel, one should consider this well then.

If something should happen:

Please report the incident to us.

Enough of Mum's good advice:
Enjoy Berlin, enjoy the neighborhood, enjoy the scene!

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