A Schöneberg Citizens' Initiative

KIEZ CARE is a joint initiative of scene activists, original from Berlins Motzstraßen-quarter (Kiez).

We live and work in this neighborhood, are part of the scene ourselves, are independent, data protection oriented and well connected.

Purpose: Unfortunately, our colorful neighborhood is often targeted by well-organized criminals or becomes a scene for harassment. However, local politicians, authorities and the police can only react accordingly when sufficient facts and figures about these incidents are available. Incidents are often not reported to the police and are therefore not included in important statistics.

But we don't want to badmouth the great neighborhood, we just want to help solve a very special problem.

Our SAFEPLACE.BERLIN website simplifies and organises the recording of relevant incidents. Now it is up to you to use the tool.

KiezCare e.V. is a small non-profit organization that relies on donations from people like you.

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